About Us

About Us

“Hungry mind is on a mission to transform corporate catering into performance catering, fuelling high performance teams with high performance food that maintains focus, cognitive function and energy levels across the working day”

At the Hungry Mind, we believe it is every humans equal right to have access to nutritious food that fuels healthy cognitive brain function and provides the human body with the nutrients they need to thrive every day.

An inadequate intake of essential vitamins and nutrients has repercussions on the entire body. One of the most concerning is the effects that malnutrition can have on cognitive brain function.

Our Story is inspired from our founders working for over 20 years in corporate offices, working every day in high-performance work cultures, while being fuelled by unhealthy processed foods, refined sugars and caffeine fixes in corporate offices.

At the Hungry Mind we understand that high-performance teams require high performance catering. We have carefully chosen our high-quality ingredients from the best wholesalers, with a focus on mostly organic produce and grass fed or organic proteins from sustainable sources.

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Performance catering for high-performing teams. empowering individuals every day, every meeting, every workshop with the fuel that there bodies need to perform to the best of their ability. Consistently creating energy to power focus, clarity and high-performance in the workplace. Educating and enabling business to transform how they think about food in the workplace.



We believe in ethical and environmentally friendly food. Working with our suppliers we strive to maintain carbon neutrality, while sourcing the fresh ingredients from local sustainable sources, using natural and organic ingredients where possible and ensuring we maintain a minimal impact on the environment.



Hunger is inextricably linked to many challenges we face globally like climate change and socio-economic challenges. Through working with a select ecosystem of partners we strive to support social enterprises and projects that create real impact in helping end world hunger and achieve sustainable and environmental food security.