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Brain Topping Toast

The PB&J


Peanut butter, Blueberry Jam, Coconut Flakes, Crushed Almonds (VG, DF)

The Good Fat


Avocado, Soft Boiled egg, Fetta, Pepitas, Edamame (V, NF)

Omega Toast


Ricotta, Smoked Salmon, Dill, Lemon, Pepitas (NF)

Bacon, Fried Egg, Baby Spinach, House Ketchup, Brioche Bun (NF)

Breakfast Power Pots

With coconut yoghurt & Seasonal Fruit Compote (V, GF, NF)

Freshly cut seasonal fruit platter topped with Turmeric Honey Yoghurt

Mango compote, Almond milk & Dragon Fruit (VG, GF, DF)

Coconut Oats


With coconut milk, Dried Fruit & Poached Pears (VG, DF)


The Hungry Mind signature lunch offering. 

A selection of gourmet sandwiches & wraps including the following:

  • Beef and Beets on Sourdough
  • Coconut Chilli Chicken on Sourdough
  • Halloumi and Pesto Wrap
  • Corn and Chickpea Falafel Wrap

Grass-Fed Steak, Beetroot Hummus, Rocket & Fetta (NF)

Corn & Chickpea Falafel Pitta with Mint Yoghurt (V, NF)

Coconut Poached Chicken Breast, Sriracha Hot Sauce, Lettuce & Avocado (NF)

Halloumi & Pesto Pitta with Roasted Veg & Tahini (V)

Lunch Boost Bowls

Smoked Salmon, Avocado, Boiled Egg, & Rocket with Lemon Ricotta & Toasted Quinoa (GF)

Balance Bowl


Roasted sweet potato & quinoa base, topped with Avocado, Halloumi, Boiled egg, Tomato Relish & Toasted Pepitas (GF, V, NF)

Grass-Fed Steak, Boiled Eggs, Baby Spinach, Slow Roasted Tomatoes & Black Sesame Seeds (DF, GF)

The Hen Bowl


Coconut Poached Chicken, Avocado, Boiled Egg, & Rocket with Danish Fetta & Toasted Quinoa (GF)

Asian inspired Teriyaki Tofu, kale, edamame, carrots and soba noodles. (GF, V, VG)

Katsu Curry

Regular price $16.00

Crispy Chicken Breast OR Tofu, Homemade Clean Katsu Sauce, Black Rice, Pickled Cabbage & Carrot Slaw (GF, DF, & VG with Tofu) 

Grilled Steak Bowl

Regular price $16.50

Sweet potato mash & Crisp Seasonal Greens with Homemade Chipotle Sauce (GF, NF)

Burrito Bowl

Regular price $16.50

Mild Mexican Beef OR Mixed Beans, Black Rice, Guacamole, Black Bean & Tomato Salsa, Charred corn & Herbed Sour Cream (GF, NF, & V with Beans) 

Herbed Chicken, Greens & Grains

Regular price $16.50

Chicken Breast, Brown Rice, Blanched Greens, topped with Toasted Grains (NF, DF)

Lemon & Herb Grilled Chicken - Brown Rice & Roasted Kale with Green Tahini (GF, NF, DF)  

Performance Bites

Chocolate Almond Bites

Regular price $4.50


House made delicious fudgy whey proteins balls, packed with raw, refined sugar free goodness.

House Caramel Slice

Regular price $5.50

Crunchy oat biscuit base, topped with gooey caramel and dark chocolate

Assorted Desserts Tray - 15pc

Regular price $79.00


Miso Eggplant & Soba Noodles – with Edamame, Chilli, Charred Broccoli & Pickled Ginger (VG, DF, NF)

Crunchy Cauliflower & Rocket Salad – with Roast Lamb & Salsa Verde

Salmon & Greens – Citrus Poached Salmon, Toasted Super grains & Asparagus, Topped with Flaked Almonds (GF, DF)

Charred corn & Tomato Salad – with Coriander, Black Beans, Fetta, Lime, & Chipotle (V, NF)

Share Platters

A selection of cured meats, marinated vegetables, gourmet cheeses, dips and olives.

Served with rustic sourdough toasts and crackers.

A selection of beautiful gourmet Australian cheese, seasonal & dried fruit, dark chocolate, nuts and assorted biscuits.

Seasonal selection of fresh fruits (VG, V, GF, DF)