Stop. Breathe. Relax
One of the most important things you can do in times of uncertainty is to focus on your mental and physical health. A lot of that stress and the fearful emotions in our minds then transfers into our bodies, tight muscles, elevated heart rate, the inability to relax – this all puts additional pressure on our bodies at a time we need them to be at our best. We often find ourselves unable to switch off and being driven a little crazy by our thoughts!
It’s time to choose Performance Catering™ to rid your organisation of its corporate catering crisis
The founders of The Hungry Mind have spent many years working for high-performance corporations across the world. Through their passions and interest in nutrition and health to maintain top performance, The Hungry Mind is on a mission to transform wellness in the workplace by providing your employees with the nutrients they need to thrive! ⁠
Why wellness in the workplace is much more than lunchtime yoga
For many years’ employee wellness has been the sole focus of HR. Human Resources charged with ensuring employees are fit and able to do the jobs the company required. This functional response to employee wel...